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End all the man made religions

We must begin to end all the man made religions sooner than later, if we want the human civilizations of ancient times to survive. The oppressive religions have been enslaving, killing, destroying millions of spirits for thousands of years. Now. Yes NOW is the time when technology, information sharing has been sent by REAL gods to help us eradicate with all these man made, false, fake, disgusting religions that are not nothing but a cover to destroy human spirit and control YOU.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Predictions of demonic religions end

Bhavishya Purana: The Prediction of Demonic Islam (5000yrs)

Bhavishya Purana : The Prediction of Demonic Islam And Demon Muhammad was mentioned in the Vedic literatures 5000 years ago

Maharshi Vyas wrote 'Bhavishya Purana' 5000 years ago. Hindus are unaware of many incidences that have been narrated in it with utmost perfection. Maharshi Vyas wrote in the 'Bhavishya Purana' that "Tripurasura (a demon) will be reborn as 'Mahamada' (Mohammed Paigambar) and will establish a demoniac and destructive religion.

According to Bhavishya purana

Mahamada (Incarnation of Tripurasura the demon) = Dharmadushika (Polluter of righteousness)

Religion founded by Mahamada = Paisachyadharama (demoniac religion)

Original Sanskrit Version
Bhavishya Puran: Prati Sarg: Part III:3,3 5-27


Bhavishya purana (futuristic mythology)(Circa 3000 B.C)

source ( ... Page1.html)

[From the third part of the Pratisarga Parva.]
Shri Suta Gosvami said: In the dynasty of king Shalivahana, there were ten kings who went to the heavenly planets after ruling for over 500 years. Then gradually the morality declined on the earth. At that time Bhojaraja was the tenth of the kings on the earth. When he saw that the moral law of conduct was declining he went to conquer all the directions of his country with ten-thousand soldiers commanded by Kalidasa. He crossed the river Sindhu and conquered over the gandharas, mlecchas, shakas, kasmiris, naravas and sathas. He punished them and collected a large ammount of wealth.Then the king went along with Mahamada (Muhammad), the preceptor of mleccha-dharma, and his followers to the great god, Lord Shiva, situated in the desert. He bathed Lord Shiva with Ganges water and worshipped him in his mind with pancagavya (milk, ghee, yoghurt, cow dung, and cow urine) and sandalwood paste, etc. After he offered some prayers and pleased him.

Suta Goswami said: After hearing the king’s prayers, Lord Shiva said: O king Bhojaraja, you should go to the place called Mahakakshvara, that land is called Vahika and now is being contaminated by the mlecchas. In that terrible country there no longer exists dharma. There was a mystic demon named Tripura(Tripurasura), whom I have already burnt to ashes, he has come again by the order of Bali. He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. His name is Mahamada(Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of a ghost. Therefore, O king, you should not go to this land of the evil ghost. By my mercy your intelligence will be purified. Hearing this the king came back to his country and Mahamada(Muhammad) came with them to the bank of the river Sindhu. He was expert in expanding illusion, so he said to the king very pleasingly: O great king, your god has become my servant. Just see, as he eats my remnants, so I will show you. The king became surprised when he saw this just before them. Then in anger Kalidasa rebuked Mahamada(Muhammad) “O rascal, you have created an illusion to bewilder the king, I will kill you, you are the lowest..."

That city is known as their site of pilgrimage, a place which was Madina or free from intoxication. Having a form of a ghost (Bhuta), the expert illusionist Mahamada(Muhammad) appeared at night in front of king Bhojaraja and said: O king, your religion is of course known as the best religion among all. Still I am going to establish a terrible and demoniac religion by the order of the Lord . The symptoms of my followers will be that they first of all will cut their genitals, have no shikha, but having beard, be wicked, make noise loudly and eat everything. They should eat animals without performing any rituals. This is my opinion. They will perform purificatory act with the musala or a pestle as you purify your things with kusha. Therefore, they will be known as musalman, the corrupters of religion. Thus the demoniac religion will be founded by me. After having heard all this the king came back to his palace and that ghost(Muhammad) went back to his place.

The intelligent king, Bhojaraj established the language of Sanskrit in three varnas - the brahmanas, kshatriyas and vaisyas - and for the shudras he established prakrita-bhasha, the ordinary language spoken by common men. After ruling his kingdom for 50 years, he went to the heavenly planet. The moral laws established by him were honored even by the demigods. The arya-varta, the pious land is situated between Vindhyacala and Himacala or the mountains known as Vindhya and Himalaya. The Aryans reside there, but varna-sankaras reside on the lower part of Vindhya. The musalman people were kept on the other side of the river Sindhu.

On the island of Barbara, Tusha and many others also the followers of Isamsiha were also situated as they were managed by a king or demigods.

Note This

Lord Shiva said: O king Bhojaraja, you should go to the place called Mahakakshvara, that land is called Vahika and now is being contaminated by the mlecchas. In that terrible country there no longer exists dharma. There was a mystic demon named Tripura(Tripurasur), whom I have already burnt to ashes, he has come again by the order of Bali. He has no origin but he achieved a benediction from me. His name is Mahamada(Muhammad) and his deeds are like that of a ghost.

According to Bhavishya Purana Muhammad was the rebirth of Tripurasura the Demon.

Tripurasura was killed by Shiva in his(Tripurasura’s) past life

Tripurasura's Past life (Mythology[not from bhavishya purana])

source( ... empid=T009)
Tripurasur was the son of Sage Gritsamad. One day the sage sneezed and from this was created a young boy who the Sage brought up as his own son. The sage taught the boy the Ganana Twam, Ganesh Mantra. Equipped with this mantra the boy meditated intensely on Lord Ganesh who ultimately blessed him. He was given three pura-s of gold silver and iron. Since he was the owner of these three pura-s he was given the name Tripur. Ganesh also bestowed on Tripur to be the most powerful, who none but Lord Shiva himself could destroy and after being destroyed by Lord Shiva he would attain mukti-salvation.

This boon made Tripur proud and he brought havoc in the entire world. He conquered the Nether world and then proceeded to takeover Heaven. He defeated Indra the king of heaven. His aggression made Lord Brahma hide in a lotus and Lord Vishnu in the Shirsagar. He soon also took over Lord Shiva’s Kailash Parvat and thus became the King of all the three worlds. The gods wondered on how to vanquish Tripurasur. Lord Narada told them that, since he had been granted a boon by Lord Ganesh himself it would be very difficult to vanquish him. He advised them to meditate on Lord Ganesh. Pleased Lord Ganesh decided to help the Gods.

Disguised as brahmin he visited Tripurasur and told him that he was a very enlightened Brahmin and could make for him three flying planes. Riding these he woud be able to go anywhere he wished within minutes. The planes could only be destroyed by Shiva.In return Lord Ganesh asked him to get him the statue of Chintamani which was at the Kailash Mountain. Lord Shiva refused to give the statue to Tripurasur’s messenger. The angry Tripurasur himself went to get the statue. A fierce battle started between him and Lord Shiva. He destroyed everything that belonged to the Lord Shiva who too retired to the Girikandar.

Lord Shiva too realized that he was unable to destroy Tripurasur because he had not paid his respects to Lord Ganesh. He recited the Shadaakshar Mantra to invoke Ganesh. On doing so from his mouth emerged Gajanan to grant Shiva a boon. Shiva continued his invocation of Ganesh who ultimately directed him on how Tripurasur could be killed. Lord Shiva was asked to recite the Sahastranam and then direct an arrow at the three pura-s of Tripurasur.

Lord Shiva followed these instructions and finally vanquished Tripurasur.

The place where Lord Shiva invoked Lord Ganesh he also created a temple for him. The town surrounding this temple was called Manipur. The village Ranjangaon is considered to be the place where Lord Shiva himself sought the blessings of Ganesh and ultimately destroyed Tripurasur.


The truth in mythology is not in its medium (the story) but in its message .


This prayer (chalisa) praises the Lord Shiva (Related to Tripurasura killing)

Tripurasur sang yuddha machayi,
sabahin kripa kari leen bachayi.

By fighting and killing the Demon Tripurasur,
You forgave everybody and saved the Gods.

(from Sanskrit dictionary)


म्लेच्छ mleccha
1 A barbarian,a non Aryan ( One not speaking the Sanskrit Language or not conform in to Hindu or Aryan institutions),a foreigner in general

2 An Outcast, a very low man, Bodhayana thus defines the word:
gomAmsakhAdako yastu viruddhaM bahubhAshhate | sarvAchAravihInashcha mlechchha ityabhidhiiyate |

He who eats cow's meat, and speaks a lot against shastras and he, who is also devoid of all forms of spiritual practice, is called a mlechha.

3 A sinner, A wicked person, A savage or barbarian race


Paisachya (meaning)
(from Sanskrit dictionary)



Demonical, Infernal

Asura (meaning)
(from Sanskrit dictionary)


Asura असुर

1 An evil spirit,demon

2 A general name for the enemies of Gods,


Bhavishya Purana : The Prediction of Islam And Muhammad

Check out here Guyz, these fundamentalist muslims like zakir naik are proud that muhammad has been mentioned in Puran...and interpreting to other people falsely and spreading lies to world...... 


According to Bhavishya Purana in the Prati Sarag Parv III Khand 3 Adhay 3 Shloka 5 to 8 :
"A malecha (belonging to a foreign country and speaking a foreign language) spiritual teacher will appear with his companions. His name will be Mohammad. Raja (Bhoj) after giving this Maha Dev Arab (of angelic disposition) a bath in the Panchgavya and the Ganga water (i.e. purifying him of all sins) offered him the present of his sincere devotion and showing him all reverence said, "I make obeisance to thee. O ye! The pride of mankind, the dweller in Arabia, Ye have collected a great force to kill the Devil and you yourself have been protected from the malecha opponents."


According to Bhavishya Purana in the Pratisarag Parv III Khand 3 Adhay 3 Shloka 10 to 27 Maharishi Vyas has prophesised:
"The Malecha have spoiled the well-known land of the Arabs. Arya Dharma is not to be found in the country. Before also there appeared a misguided fiend whom I had killed; he has now again appeared being sent by a powerful enemy. To show these enemies the right path and to give them guidance, the well-known Muhammad (pbuh), is busy in bringing the Pishachas to the right path. O Raja, You need not go to the land of the foolish Pishachas, you will be purified through my kindness even where you are. At night, he of the angelic disposition, the shrewd man, in the guise of Pishacha said to Raja Bhoj, "O Raja! Your Arya Dharma has been made to prevail over all religions, but according to the commandments of Ishwar Parmatma, I shall enforce the strong creed of the meat eaters. My followers will be men circumcised, without a tail (on his head), keeping beard, creating a revolution announcing the Aadhaan (the Muslim call for prayer) and will be eating all lawful things. He will eat all sorts of animals except swine. They will not seek purification from the holy shrubs, but will be purified through warfare. On account of their fighting the irreligious nations, they will be known as Musalmaans. I shall be the originator of this religion of the meat-eating nations."



The first point to understand is that the APPOINTED TIME is the last days of the end times when herald comes to run with the revelation. 

Prophet Habakkuk was given information about what would happen at the appointed time. 

The LORD's Answer

2 Then the LORD replied: 
"Write down the revelation 
and make it plain on tablets 
so that a herald may run with it.

3 For the revelation awaits an appointed time; 
it speaks of the end 
and will not prove false. 

Though it linger, wait for it; 
it will certainly come and will not delay.

4 "See, he is puffed up; 
his desires are not upright— 
but the righteous will live by his faith -

5 indeed, wine betrays him; 
he is arrogant and never at rest. 
Because he is as greedy as the grave 
and like death is never satisfied, 
he gathers to himself all the nations 
and takes captive all the peoples.

6 "Will not all of them taunt him with ridicule and scorn, saying, 
" 'Woe to him who piles up stolen goods 
and makes himself wealthy by extortion! 
How long must this go on?'

7 Will not your debtors suddenly arise? 
Will they not wake up and make you tremble? 
Then you will become their victim.

Because you have plundered many nations, 
the peoples who are left will plunder you. 
For you have shed man's blood; 
you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them.

9 "Woe to him who builds his realm by unjust gain 
to set his nest on high, 
to escape the clutches of ruin!

10 You have plotted the ruin of many peoples, 
shaming your own house and forfeiting your life.

11 The stones of the wall will cry out, 
and the beams of the woodwork will echo it.

12 "Woe to him who builds a city with bloodshed 
and establishes a town by crime!

13 Has not the LORD Almighty determined 
that the people's labor is only fuel for the fire, 
that the nations exhaust themselves for nothing?

14 For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, 
as the waters cover the sea.

15 "Woe to him who gives drink to his neighbors, 
pouring it from the wineskin till they are drunk, 
so that he can gaze on their naked bodies.

16 You will be filled with shame instead of glory. 
Now it is your turn! Drink and be exposed ! 
The cup from the LORD's right hand is coming around to you, 
and disgrace will cover your glory.

17 The violence you have done to Lebanon will overwhelm you, 
and your destruction of animals will terrify you. 
For you have shed man's blood; 
you have destroyed lands and cities and everyone in them.

18 "Of what value is an idol, since a man has carved it? 
Or an image that teaches lies? 
For he who makes it trusts in his own creation; 
he makes idols that cannot speak.

19 Woe to him who says to wood, 'Come to life!' 
Or to lifeless stone, 'Wake up!' 
Can it give guidance? 
It is covered with gold and silver; 
there is no breath in it.

20 But the LORD is in his holy temple; 
let all the earth be silent before him." ... ersion=NIV

God is rather fond of Lebanon and we know what Arafat and his followers did to Lebanon and especially Southern Lebanon that borders with Israel. 

The Last Days - 1975 - 2020

In 1975, the Christian population in Southern Lebanon was decimated, Arafat and the PLO destabalised Lebanon taking control of Southern Lebanon where Hezbollah now reside. Civil war broke out between the Lebanese government and the PLO. Cultural genocide was underway, there were 44,000 military casualties who died and 180,000 wounded. Flourishing Lebanon was reduced to rubble, the economy was destroyed and there was chaos. In the 20 years that followed 120,000 Lebanese civilian deaths (mostly Christians) died at the hands of Yasser Arafat‚s militia.[3]



When looking at a prophecies we have to look at the criteria. So I will now list the criteria. 

1. Timeline - the End - The Appointed. 
2. The Herald that runs with the prophecy. 
3. Destruction of animals 
4. Destruction of cities and towns 
5. Bloodshed. 
6. Destruction of Lebanon
7. Covering of Glory with disgrace
8. Fuel - Exhaust - Labour
9. Building cities and towns from extortion and crime 
10. Made an idol of their prophet. 
11. Islam worship around a stone. 
12. Serving wine to see naked bodies and we know full well that many Muslims drink behind closed doors and openly. 
13. Gathers to himself all the nations 
14. Takes captive all the peoples.
15. Islam is puffed up
16. Its desires are not upright— but (some) of the righteous will live by his faith. 
17. Greedy - One sacred site is not enough Islam would like Jerusalem as well. 
18. Islam likes death instead of life. 
19. Never satisfied. 
20. Piles up stolen goods including the scriptures. 
21. Makes itself wealthy by extortion!
22. Plundered many nations.
23. Unjust gain 
24. Set his nest on high to escape the clutches of ruin! - The Arabs do like a penthouse and the harems of girls to go with it. 
25. Plotted the ruin of many nations. 
26. Islam is being exposed. 
27. Islam is ridiculed. 
28. Filled with shame 
29. Teaches lies
30. Disgrace 

by Lotus